Cat Friendly Clinics

Cat Friendly Clinics

Many of our YourVets practices are accredited “Cat Friendly Clinics” (CFC). This means that all our staff understand that cats have specific needs, so we approach, handle and care for them appropriately. We also have at least one “Cat Advocate” who can tell you all about Cat Friendly Clinics and the International Society for Feline Medicine (ISFM) that awards the accreditation.

We all love our cats because of their unique nature but this same nature makes vet visits particularly demanding for them as well as you, their owners. CFCs exist to help make vet visits as stress-free as possible.

Accreditation is at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels, largely dependent on the size and type of the practice.

Here at YourVets in Nuneaton, we are very proud to hold the Silver award, which means we have separate dog and cat waiting areas, feline-friendly hospitalisation cages, and specialist cat equipment.

Here at YourVets in Wythall, Rayleigh and Smethwick, we are very proud to hold the Gold award, which means we keep cats and dogs separate in the waiting room, have a dedicated cat consulting room and we run an operating theatre with specialist equipment. We really think cat!

As a cat owner, you’ll notice the difference when you visit us.

  • We love being a Cat Friendly Clinic but that doesn’t mean our other guests are second-class! In fact, we’ve found that all our Very Important Pet clients benefit from an environment where cats are more relaxed. Find out more about Cat Friendly Clinics.