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  • I joined YourVets Dagenham as practice manager in September 2013. I started training as a veterinary nurse at the age of 17, having always had a great love of animals.

    The best part of my job is playing a role in ensuring our clients and their pets receive excellent care and love at our clinic.

    Clare Barker, Practice Manager

  • Owner of a Shih-Tzu called Shelby

    I joined YourVets Dagenham as soon as we opened on 6th February 2012; I’ve always wanted to work with animals from a very young age. I love seeing all of them from the puppies and kittens to the small furries and not forgetting the oldies!

    I really love and enjoy being a PHA and I hope the position leads to me to my desired career – a Veterinary Nurse.

    Paige Placey, Pet Health Advisor

  • Owner of a tortoise called Terry, sky diver

    I joined YourVets Dagenham when it first opened in 2012, I enjoyed becoming part of a new clinic and the training prospects here.

    I want to work with animals to be able to help the sick and injured and find critical nursing especially rewarding.

    Lucy Smith, Student Veterinary Nurse

  • Owner of 3 Giant rabbits, diploma in rabbit nursing

    I have always wanted to be a nurse ever since I was a little girl. I really enjoy my job as a veterinary nurse, seeing all different varieties of cases and patients. I have particular interests in anaesthesia, xrays and hospital patients and cases.

    I have 3 continential giant rabbits called Aerial, Ringo and Royston. I also have 2 cats called David and Bob Bobs.

    Sharon Smith, Registered Veterinary Nurse

  • Globetrotter, mum

    I joined YourVets Dagenham in November 2012 after returning from maternity leave. I have been nursing for 11years and qualified for 8years. I always wanted to be a veterinary nurse and care for animals.

    I like the work/life balance YourVets offers, and the purple uniform!

    Stacey West, Registered Veterinary Nurse

  • Trustee for local RSPCA, qualified as a nurse at age 40!

    I joined YourVets Dagenham when it opened in February 2012. I run weight clinics and assist with Diabetic clinics. I have always wanted to work with animals.  I am very passionate about my job and would not want to do anything else.

    I have volunteered for the RSPCA for the last 3 years and am now a Trustee of a local branch.

    Nicole VanDeLaak, Registered Veterinary Nurse

  • Scuba Diver, Runner

    In 2012 when the new YourVets Dagenham clinic opened I took on the role as Head of Reception. My job is perfect for me as I love meeting people, and I have always loved animals.

    I own 3 rescue dogs of my own, including a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with no tail and no teeth!

    Julie Vincent, Head of Reception

Dagenham Veterinary Clinic

Hello! We are the affordable vets who love your pets. Our friendly, highly trained staff are ready and waiting to help you and your pet in a caring environment – whenever you need us.

YourVets Dagenham provides high quality veterinary care at the lowest possible prices. We make caring for your pet affordable, whatever your budget.

Our Dagenham veterinary clinic is one of the largest in East London and is fully equipped with everything that you will ever want to help you ensure that your pet leads a happy healthy life.

YourVets Dagenham is easy to get to from all parts of east London and Essex. You can find YourVets Dagenham at Whalebone Lane South, near the large cross roads junction with Green Lane. There’s free parking too!

Available Services
  • Digital x-ray
  • On site laboratory
  • RCVS nurse training practice
  • Extended hours
  • Nurse clinics
  • Free parking

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