Fixed-price packages

Each fixed-price package includes:

  • Pre-anaesthetic haematology/biochemistry, peri-operative fluid therapy, and multi-modal analgesia including medication to go home with
  • Radiography
  • Post-operative hospitalisation
  • All post-operative checks (including follow-up blood tests or radiographs under sedation/GA if needed)
  • Assessment and recovery plan by NAVP-registered physiotherapist for orthopaedic surgeries

YourVets Surgery Service Pricing Policy

Procedure Price
Patella luxation surgery (femoral sulcoplasty and tibial tuberosity transposition) £1500
Cruciate surgery £2200
Hip excision arthroplasty (FHO/FHNE) £1250
Open reduction/fixation of hip luxation £1500
Facial fold resection £700
Screw tail resection £850
Lateral wall resection £700
Total ear canal ablation with bulla osteotomy (TECA-BO) £1600
Ventral bulla osteotomy £1400
Entropion (Stades or Holtz-celcus) – unilateral £700
Entropion – bilateral £1000
Replace nictans gland prolapse (cherry eye) – unilateral £850
Replace nictans gland prolapse (cherry eye) – bilateral £1200
Rhinoplasty (treat stenotic nares) £450
Airway surgery for BOAS (rhinoplasty, staphylectomy, tonsillectomy and excision of everted laryngeal ventricles, as required) £1500
Episioplasty/vulvoplasty £800
Perineal herniorrhaphy – unilateral £1400
Anal sacculectomy – unilateral £950
Thyroidectomy (includes post-operative calcium monitoring) – bilateral £1450
*Fracture – simple (non-displaced, pin/screw/wire – e.g. avulsion fractures, chip fractures, hairline fractures, otherwise healthy patient) fracture score 9-10 £1500
*Fracture – moderate (mild displacement, single plate – e.g. simple fractures of weight-bearing bones without significant displacement, otherwise healthy patient) fracture score 5-8 £2200
*Fracture – complex (significant reconstruction or multiple plates/screws required – e.g. comminuted or severely displaced fractures, multiple bones affected, open fractures, complicating patient factors that are likely to affect healing) fracture score 1-4 £3500

[*Please note accurate fixed fracture repair costs are given on case review]

This list is not exhaustive. For all other procedures a contact YourVets Referrals on 01527 407541 or with case details for a price.

Physiotherapy packages

Each 45-minute physiotherapy consultation includes a full in-depth assessment of the case history, static and dynamic patient observation and full body palpation, before creation of a treatment programme specific to the individual. Treatment may involve:

  • Massage and various soft tissue techniques
  • Joint mobilisations
  • Stretches
  • Electrotherapies, including LASER treatment

At the end of the session, an individual exercise programme is prescribed and demonstrated to pet owners to encourage maximum fitness and health. Owners play a massive part in the rehabilitation of their animals, and their concerns and exceptions are always listened to.

Package Price
Single physiotherapy session – new case assessment £45
Single physiotherapy session – follow up treatment £30
Post-surgery package (3 fortnightly sessions after orthopaedic surgery) 15% discount £90
Acute case package (6 sessions, taken weekly or fortnightly) 20% discount £155
Chronic case package (12 sessions, taken within one year of purchase) 25% discount £280

Please call 01527 407541, email, or complete our online referral form.

COVID-19 Update
We are working safely and will continue to provide care for your pets during the COVID-19 pandemic including local and national lockdowns. To help us with our new ways of working and to keep us all safe, please do not attend the practice unless you have called us first and have a pre-booked appointment. Thank you.